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The Benefits of Community

Updated: Apr 9

By my definition, a community is a group of people who share a similar vision and support each other in achieving a certain outcome and/or maintaining a certain standard or practice.

The value gained from a community depends on the interests of the people who interact with it. I'm sharing my experience with community.

I recently endured a longer than usual period of solitude. This phase, while different from my norm, was beautiful. Challenges surfaced; as is typical in this experience. But this time of internal focus was rewarding. It has added great value to my journey.

I note this because though I write about the benefits of community, I value alone time. I use solitude to reflect and learn, to shift focus and initiate change, and to put things into perspective. Solitude does a lot for me. I find it truly therapeutic.

Nevertheless, I find great value in communities that are aligned with my vision and goals. I hold space for solitude in my everyday life. However, I ended my long phase of solitude recently; and it was the most heartwarming change.

It feels great to be fully received by others; for who I truly am - without judgement and conditions. This was my experience. I was at a point where I needed that a whole lot.

You see, when two or more people are united in vision, cause, state of being, et cetera, then provided that a pure intent is at the core, that is a powerful place to be and to grow from.

A group of people with the same intent supports each other in the way that is needed. Being the only person with a certain vision is alright. However, the process of realizing that vision is usually more challenging when like-minded companions are not involved.

Group dynamics can present drawbacks such as distraction, and that is something for one to consider when participating in a group. However, when two or more people join hands (minds) for a similar cause, a powerful movement is initiated. If the intent behind the group and minds involved is pure, the group is a place of peace.

I have learnt through experience and observation that community can be disastrous - a source of misery for the members and the people who are influenced. But on the other hand, community can be amazing. When created and utilized with pure intent, community fosters wellness, peace, growth, healing, inclusivity, creativity, love, protection, and a sense of oneness.

If you want to access the benefits of community, consider the following factors:

○ your nature and interests

○ reason for participating

○ expected outcome

○ value/potential value

○ how the community integrates with your lifestyle

A community that is aligned with your vision, interests, and your particular way of doing things can be very beneficial; especially during challenging experiences, and when you are navigating changes.

What is difficult to navigate alone, can be made easier when we are in the presence of like-minded individuals. I only advise that our intention be love at the core. Once this is true, community is powerful - because when connected through love, we can do amazing things together!


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