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How to Get Things Done Efficiently

Do you find it difficult to get things done?

If yes, I've narrowed this down to two main reasons.

Considering first, that you are doing what you truly want to do, then either:

1. You're in the learning phase as it relates to skill


2. Your process is more complex than it needs to be

Goal achievement requires effort and anything else that comes with the required skill or activity. Don't even try to skip this part.


There could be physical results by now. You've done your learning and practice; so what's happening?

Your system could be the issue if: 

1. Your daily goals are bigger than you're comfortable with

2. You're trying to fit too many things into your schedule

3. You need to stop doing some things so you can focus on what you truly want to do

4. Your system isn't aligned with what you want, your skill level, and it doesn't capture the necessary details


5. Your system is not aligned with your lifestyle or the lifestyle that you want 

6. You are not seeking and accepting the help that you need.

Your system is important in your quest to get things done. It helps you to focus, remain in a flow state, track results, and adjust and improve, simultaneously. I don't start a project without devising a system because a clear process is a balancing tool.

Devising a system that brings you consistent results, while you remain in a state of balance, requires personal effort because your activities are unique to you and your lifestyle. It's really not a copy and paste thing!

You want a system that integrates with your lifestyle, so you are able to do all the fun things while you are still achieving your goals! That's what you want, right? 

Your system is specific to you and your lifestyle. However, I've tried my best to create a guide that is general, practical, and contains examples to help you with the process.  

The STEP Guide takes YOU into consideration and provides practical guidance on the process of getting things done.

All the best!


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