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How to Avoid Burnout: The Daily Bits

Updated: Apr 9

In the past, I have been guilty of doing many tasks at once; sometimes working in “reactive” instead of “strategic” mode. I have found that while one can do many things in a short time once he puts his mind to it, strategy is very important to avoid burnout. What could be considered “too many things ” is different for each person. But, whatever it means for you, doing “too many things” at once can be counterproductive and I have learnt this the hard way, not one but quite a few times.

As I grow, I realize more and more that the power is not in the knowledge but in the application of the knowledge. Therefore, I am actively changing my approach as I learn better ways of doing things. I have realized that breaking down major tasks into small daily activities can prove more beneficial towards goal achievement as it minimizes the chance of burnout. Taking major steps at the initial stage of a project may lead to major energy and time use, making one become easily tired and lose the motivation and energy which is required for the long term. I have proven this true for myself in previous approaches.

I have therefore started using “the compound effect” based on New York Times Bestselling Author: Darren Hardy’s book – The Compound Effect. My journey feels different from before because of the discipline which it requires to act consistently in the present moment and not become distracted by the need for instant gratification. This approach is teaching me to focus on the bigger picture, though the full picture will not be accomplished overnight. Holding the vision close has been helping me to stay the course. The daily bits will seem insignificant at first. But, ultimately, that consistent effort will compound.

Avoid burnout while staying the course. The daily bits add up to significant results!


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